unlucky wind

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unlucky wind
Unlucky Wind's mascot, Ulwchan
Type Record label
Founded 2022
Genre Electronic, breakcore, rave slop
Website https://unluckywind.net/

unlucky wind is an music label specializing in homemade cassette tapes filled with relentless breakbeats that more often than not render the listener addicted to painkillers for the rest of their life.

The label was founded in 2022 by nori ramone after meeting Ulwchan. Ulwchan gave nori pills that sent her to 222dimension, where she realized the opportunity to bootleg music from other dimensions for selling back on Earth. She recruited yam lynn for crafting cassettes and Kaj$oda for web work, and have since released many albums of music stolen from other worlds. Ulwchan has agreed to this partnership out of the love of getting people on pills.

Other ventures by unlucky wind include live music events as well as 222wiki, a library of interdimensional knowledge discovered through 222dimension.




catalog title artist date format
ULW-001 amenpunk's not dead 2a03fox 2022-07-30
ULW-002 the wake world yam lynn 2022-09-02 Cassette
ULW-003 WELCOME TO GABBERFOX HIGH!! tfwamirite 2022-09-16
ULW-004 CRINGE NEVER DIES!!! Beachgrave 2022-09-30
ULW-005 SLANEY VS SODASTEAL Operation Sodasteal 2022-12-07 Cassette
ULW-006 nya nya neko nightmare yam lynn 2022-12-22 Cassette, CD
ULW-007 my bed squeaks all wrong tfwamirite 2023-01-01
ULW-008 OPPCORE #FORTHESEH8ERS xxhardbit3s 2023-02-02
ULW-009 i never feel good anymore and it's ruining everything around me bliss cemetery 2023-03-03 CD
ULW-010 THINGS WE FOUND ON THE DARK WEB QIREXX / slippymudman 2023-02-17 CD
ULW-011 unlucky wind is in not play unlucky wind 2023-02-22
ULW-012 #based rutracker beats 2 smoke weed 2 yam lynn 2023-03-13 Cassette
ULW-013 secret lovenotes of copyright infringement & clonazepam schoolbook_depository 2023-05-01 Cassette
ULW-014 IT'S OKAY TO BE INSANE Meronti 2023-05-05 Cassette
ULW-015 Lofi Hardcore TRVSHBXVT 2023-05-12
ULW-017 Wore Life lostpet420 2023-05-26
ULW-018 ( ^​ω​^ ) zzkillme 2023-07-07 Cassette, CD
ULW-019 year of the moon rabbit yam lynn 2023-07-21 Cassette
ULW-020 A Righteous Fire Burns Within Me LickNAND 2023-09-19 Cassette
ULW-021 daughter of the firmament yam lynn 2023-10-05 Cassette
ULW-022 unlucky wind sampler vol. 1 unlucky wind 2023-10-20 CD
ULW-023 To Infringe Upon A Melody Qube Honey 2023-10-15 Cassette
ULW-024 Nice Mice dj sammy p 2023-10-18
ULW-025 Lego Batwave: The Videogame zzkillme 2023-10-25 Cassette
ULW-026 CENTIPEDE QIREXX 2023-11-03 Cassette
ULW-028 3 points to freedom: lostpet420 & schoolbook_depository live @ dancefloor ritual deathrave lostpet420 & schoolbook_depository 2023-11-22 Cassette
ULW-029 a very unlucky windsmas unlucky wind 2023-12-25
ULW-030 benediction yam lynn 2024-01-17 Cassette
ULW-031 strange girl sound slippymudman 2024-01-25 Cassette, CD
ULW-032 unlucky wind is in not play v2.24 unlucky wind 2024-02-24