Trigonic Covenant

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Trigonic Covenant
Cultists communicating with the Trigonic Pantheon
Type Cult
Leader Unknown
Kaj Strife (deceased)
Location Lost Archipelago, Bad Egg
Enemies Zerdalook, unlucky wind

The Trigonic Covenant, commonly referred to as the Cult of Blokus or the Blokus Cult, is a cannibalistic cult operating in the Lost Archipelago. It was formed by Kaj Strife immediately following the Obelisk Storm.

The cult claims to serve the Trigonic Pantheon, a group of deities they claim to commune with by reading the patterns found by playing the board game Blokus Trigon. They have gained widespread notoriety for their cannibalistic murders in Zerdalook. Following the death of their founder, the group established a dominating presence in the arid Trigonic Wastes, north of Zerdalook.


Formation, Rainbow Factory incident

The Trigonic Covenant was founded by Kaj Strife shortly after the Obelisk Storm. In a later blog post, Kaj claimed that she was reborn upon "being spoken to by Rainbow Dash" who "enlightened me to the joy and wonder of Blokus". Investigators later found that while this obelisk did exist, it belonged to Leiland Kellogg, an elderly male equestrian. Kaj continued insisting the ghost was Rainbow Dash until her death.

The Covenant was initially formed in secret, the earliest members being loyal fans of Operation Sodasteal who were brainwashed while under the influence of dissociative drugs. Slaney, the band's vocalist, was the first of the Covenant's many victims when Kaj unexpectedly crucified him during Operation Sodasteal's performance at the Rainbow Factory. Kaj prepared a speech to follow the sacrifice, but the PA system being cut by the venue made it impossible. The ensuing stampede resulted in 4 casualties and at least 52 injuries. The cultists managed to escape the venue during the madness and went into hiding.

Kaj posted the speech on her blog, announcing her rebirth as a "bloker" and how her new family will take orders from the "Trigonic Pantheon" by playing the board game Blokus Trigon. Media coverage of the incident referenced Kaj's blog post and resulted in the Blokus series of board games being pulled from store shelves, a decision which would later become permanent.

Murders and macaroni art

After a month of silence, the Covenant began committing frequent murders in Zerdalook. The victims were eaten by the cultists, the only trace left behind being unique pieces of cute macaroni art made personally by Kaj. The cultists' elusiveness allowed them to repeat this exact crime weekly for months on end, gaining widespread notoriety in the process.

In response to the murders, the city banned macaroni art and board games "until we can figure out what's going on". After backlash from kindergarten teachers, the ban was lifted and instead replaced with background checks, though many questioned the effectiveness as the murders continued and Kaj's macaroni art only grew more detailed. After the tenth murder, the city hired the highly respected hard-boiled detective, The Detective, to lead the investigation. Initially heralded by many as "the man for the job", he became increasingly derided by the public after over a year of flipping through macaroni art in his office, smoking his pipe and making no progress.

Kaj's blog and the website of the Trigonic Covenant were closely analyzed, most often dismissed as "just a bunch of nonsense about obelisks and My Little Pony". The cult's esoteric beliefs grew more contradictory with time, such as alternating between worshipping the Trigonic Pantheon and the Chute. Not even a few months after the first murder, Kaj begun frequently mentioning that she and Slaney were together and working on the next Operation Sodasteal album. After the 100th murder, the website's writings began to shift from religious ramblings to completely incoherent strings of unrelated words and phrases.

Exile to the Trigonic Wastes

Two years after the Rainbow Factory incident, the murders suddenly stopped and the website was no longer updated. Nobody knew what happened for several months until a traitor to the cult informed the press that Kaj was murdered by the cultists, killing her. As she was the only one who could read the Trigon, Kaj previously established that should she ever betray them, the Covenant must crucify her, claim the deserts north of Zerdalook as the Trigonic Wastes, and uncover ancient Blokus knowledge from the sands so that they may build their sacred empire.

Though the murders have ceased, the Trigonic Covenant continues to be at large in the desert, where they have settled in ancient Carpet Empire ruins. Their current inner workings are unknown.

The cult possesses the full version of Blokus Trigon, the second album by Operation Sodasteal. An incomplete version of was posted on Earth's internet in 2013, which had a bootleg tape release in Zerdalook by unlucky wind. This led to the Trigonic Covenant declaring war on the label, although the only conflicts initiated thus far have been one-sided Blokus matches.