Operation Sodasteal

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Operation Sodasteal
Type Band
Genre Pop punk, nightcore, breakcore
Members Kaj Strife (producer)
slaney(in)famous (vocals, guitar)

Operation Sodasteal was an electronic rock band consisting of producer Kaj Strife and guitarist/vocalist Slaney. They were known for their emo nightcore/breakcore style before the tragic death of both band members at the hands of the Blokus Cult.


The band was formed when dog Kaj Strife met human Slaney, an emo singer who fell from the heavens after dying and fading into obscurity. The two found musical chemistry after Kaj gave Slaney's unfinished songs a ravey rejuvenation, resulting in the album SLANEY VS SODASTEAL that was a wild success in the anthromorphic community.

During a performance at the Rainbow Factory in Zerdalook, Kaj suddenly crucified Slaney onstage, horrifying the audience as they watched her perish. While on the run, Kaj formed the Trigonic Covenant cult and orchestrated a string of murders. During this time, she was developing the album Blokus Trigon using scrapped Slaney recordings, though his absence stalled the album's release for 2 years. Kaj ultimately betrayed the cult and too was crucified by them.

The music of Operation Sodasteal first reached Earth when an incomplete version of Blokus Trigon was posted online by an unknown individual in 2013, though it lingered in obscurity until the summer following SLANEY VS SODASTEAL's late 2022 release by unlucky wind.