Kaj Strife

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Kaj Strife
Kaj as depicted by @ammonyaa
Status Deceased
Homeland Normalvalley, Lost Archipelago
Affiliation Operation Sodasteal, Trigonic Covenant
Species Dog
Occupation Music producer, cult leader, macaroni artist

Kaj Strife, legally Speeny Weeny, was a dog with bunny ears who created electronic music. She lived a peaceful life in Normalvalley with the other cute anthropomorphic animals until forming the band Operation Sodasteal and releasing the album SLANEY VS SODASTEAL. Her local popularity turned to infamy when she formed the Trigonic Covenant, a notorious cult of board game worshipping cannibals that went on a spree of murders in Zerdalook.

She was a Kaj incarnation who followed Kaj$oda. Kaj Strife betrayed the Trigonic Covenant two years after forming it, leading to her crucifixion. Upon her death, she reincarnated into Chibi Kaj, though her physical corpse was reanimated by the cult into Kaj∆.


This Kaj incarnation immediately follows Kaj$oda (whose time and cause of death is currently unknown). Kaj$oda reincarnates into a furry Kaj named Speeny Weeny in Normalvalley. Speeny lived a peaceful life with the other cute and friendly anthropomorphic animals and created music under the name Kaj Strife. Her life took a wild turn upon meeting Slaney, an emo singer who fell from the sky. The two became friends, formed the band Operation Sodasteal, and released the album SLANEY VS SODASTEAL to wild success.

While touring, Kaj discovered an obelisk haunted by the ghost of a blue horse that Kaj believed to be Rainbow Dash. The ghost caused Kaj to enter an extended period of manic psychosis. During Operation Sodasteal's performance at the music venue Rainbow Factory, Kaj suddenly crucified Slaney onstage to the horror of the audience. While on the run from Zerdalook's law enforcement, Kaj formed the cannibalistic Trigonic Covenant and began orchestrating a spree of murders, accompanied by unique pieces of macaroni art created by Kaj.

Two years after killing Slaney and countless others, Kaj suddenly awoke from the manic episode and was horrified by the cult, having lost all memories since before the Operation Sodasteal tour. Deemed a traitor, Kaj was nailed to a cross at the hands of the cultists and perished. Though her spirit reincarnated into Chibi Kaj, her body was reanimated by the cult into the battered and unrecognizable Kaj∆.


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As a featured artist

  • yam lynn - deaths communal demo (2023)
  • 4lung - Blood Orgy (2022)
  • ida deerz - 3, 2, 1, DEER!!! (2022)
  • ida deerz - BORKYCORE (2022)
  • ida deerz - SHITFART666 (2022)
  • ida deerz - BOGOS BINTED (2022)
  • ida deerz - TEAMKILL (2022)
  • ida deerz - GEOCITIES (2021)