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Status Unknown
Origin 222dimension
Species Human
Affiliation unlucky wind
Website https://kaj.unluckywind.net/

Kaj$oda is a DJ, television director, and unlucky wind's webmaster. They are a human incarnation of Kaj, born on Earth. After overdosing on Ulwchan's pills, Kaj$oda was trapped in 222dimension forever.

After spending some time developing unlucky wind's website and building the Channel 222 television network to attempt communication with Earth, Kaj discovered scary magic and used it to repossess their buried body in Tacoma. However, they actually awoke in Dark Tacoma, a land of endless torment and suffering, beneath the Tacoma Obelisk in place of their gravestone. We currently do not know the status of Kaj$oda at this time.

Upon Kaj$oda's eventual death, they reincarnate into Kaj Strife. Being able to read the wiki, Kaj$oda is aware of this and has mixed feelings on knowing they will inevitably one day reincarnate into a pink dog who kills people. Despite this, Kaj's affiliation with unlucky wind renders their bootlegs of Operation Sodasteal's music official.


See Kaj#Discography for the full combined discography

  • nvr4get (2023)