Bpd Pirate

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Bpd Pirate
Homeland Blackwater Bay
Race Human
Status Deceased
Cause of death Suicide by rum intoxication
Occupation Pirate
Affiliation Blackwater Piracy Division

Borderline Personality Disorder Pirate Jr. was a Caribbean rapper and produced known for starting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge internet meme. He died after telling his boyfriend that he would die of ALS if he broke up with him, of which he then died of ALS.

Voice clips of Bpd Pirate used in various songs are sourced from the TikTok pirate voice that was available briefly for a few months in late 2022. You can download some of those clips here.

Other lore that probably isn't canon

Early life and swashbuckling

Bpd Pirate, legally William O. Webb, was born in Blackwater Bay. During his youth, he witnessed Blackwater's decline from a major hub of commerce in the south seas to an increasingly dangerous breeding ground for pirate crime.

In adulthood, he founded the Blackwater Piracy Division of Ethical Swashbucklers, a crew of peaceful pirates who chose a life of piracy for "wearing eyepatches, drinking rum, following treasure maps, and having fun". Despite being seen as juvenile by other pirates, Bpd Pirate's crew was surprisingly effective in reducing crime in the south seas.

While Bpd Pirate hated violence, he had no choice but to fight for his crew and family against his nemesis, Captain Cum, who led the $eamen Raider$.

Excursion to Seattle

Bpd Pirate's life took a dramatic turn when he sailed too far into the Sauce and suddenly awoke in Seattle, WA on planet Earth in the year 2022, in the real world. He met Kaj and friends, who were enamoured by him for seemingly being completely committed to the bit of embodying the cartoonish pirate captain. After several encounters, Bpd Pirate became part of Kaj's friend group. He was thrilled.

Bpd Pirate would frequently invite Kaj and friends aboard his ship, which was parked in the fountain of Cal Anderson Park. He and his newfound "crew" would have parties and would frequently sail above the streets of Seattle (though magically levitating, he would obey traffic laws). Things were great for a while until receiving an expensive parking ticket by the city of Seattle, to which he had a public meltdown and repeatedly threatened to walk the plank. His friends managed to console him and he began keeping his ship parked in a friend's driveway in Tacoma, who also helped pay the fine as all of the captain's booty was not gold but chocolate coins.

While his crew initially suspected he had autism due to his lack of an indoor voice and hyperfixation on acting like a pirate 24/7, Kaj insisted that Bpd Pirate was a true pirate and wasn't playing an elaborate act nor mentally ill. Despite this, more incidents like the one with the parking ticket occurred. His crew eventually convinced him to get a psychiatric evaluation. While the doctor was inclined to believe the pirate was autistic, he lacked a license in neuropsychological testing, so he diagnosed him with borderline personality disorder instead.


Things were looking up for Bpd Pirate and his crew while he was in therapy, though it caused him to begin recovering memories of his past life and loved ones. He grew depressed and withdrawn, eventually quitting therapy altogether.

After several weeks of his friends not seeing or hearing from him, he was found dead in the captain's quarters of his ship in late 2022.

A note in aged parchment was found next to his body:

I remember ye was conflicted

Misusin' yer influence

Sometimes I did the same

Abusin' me power, full o' resentment

Resentment that turned into a deep depression

Found meself screamin' inside me Captain's Quarters

I didn’t wanna self destruct

The evils o' Davy Jones was all around me

So I went runnin' fer answers

Until I sailed home

But that didn’t stop survivor’s guilt

Goin' back 'n forth trying t' convince meself the stripes I earned

Or maybe how A-1 me foundation was

But while me loved ones was fightin' the continuous war back in the bay, I was boardin' a new one

A war that was based on apartheid 'n discrimination

Made me wanna go back t' the bay 'n tell the hearties wha' I learned

The word was respect

Just 'cause ye wore a different crew color than mine's

Doesn’t mean I can’t respect ye as a swashbuckler

Forgettin' all the pain 'n hurt we caused each other in these seas

If I respect ye, we unify 'n stop the enemy from scuttlin' us

But I don’t know, I’m no scallywag, maybe I’m jus' another sailor

A funeral was held for him in Cal Anderson Park in Seattle.

Months after his death, Bpd Pirate became a point of contention among his friends. He only existed in memory, recalled as if it had all been a dream. His crew began to doubt if he even existed at all. Kaj never doubted Bpd Pirate's existence though. He was not only a real pirate, but a true friend.

Personal life

Bpd Pirate was transgender. He had two children prior to his disappearance, Wingus and Sally.